Why QLTS Solutions and what is our difference?

We may be half a world away from you and you may wonder what makes us different from the other course providers. What really sets us apart is we offer a highly personalised professional consultancy service that specialises on training the practical legal skills needed to excel in the OSCE assessments.

The truth is, you do not need thick notes, fancy videos and the over-rated establishment to pass the OSCE or QLTS for that matter. All you need is a clear understanding and mastery of key practical skills and how to demonstrate them in real-time exam conditions. At QLTS Solutions, we train you to be that star performer!

We focus on developing practical skills for OSCE assessments and the highlight of our training consists of the following highly effective methods of teaching delivery:

1. Our online webinar sessions conducted in live tuition style – log in and learn at the comfort of your homes.

Our specialist tutor, Brandon Chan is himself a practicing English solicitor and former QLTS top scorer. With a proven track record, he leads the charge for QLTS Solutions. So, we invite you to join him in the webinar sessions as he imparts all his knowledge in person to you on the pitfalls of the exams, the key focus areas and shares his first-hand experience on real exam conditions with you.

2. Personalised marking and tutor feedback service for legal writing and legal drafting. Sign up for our service and you can send in as many sample answers for grading and tutor feedback.

3. Dedicated Q&A service. Questions can be emailed and you can expect a swift response to your queries.

4. Summary Notes in power point slides format which focuses on key examination issues and questions. These notes are also ideal preparation for our mock skills assessments sessions.

5. We also provide concise Practice Notes designed for easy and maximum absorption by busy working lawyers and are carefully drafted in full compliance with SRA regulations.

6. Carefully drafted mock exercise workbooks for the OSCE Skills Assessments.

7. Online one-on-one Skype tutor support – book a session with us.

8. Special incentives for successful, driven and motivated students.

9. We are proud to maintain a 100% pass rate record hitherto as evidenced by the testimonials of our students.


For the OSCE skills assessments, we provide a personalised professional consultancy service to candidates. Our training service is specially designed for busy working lawyers.

We understand the psychology and practical difficulties of busy working lawyers. As such, we tailor all our materials and trainings to serve their needs. We do not provide thick textbook notes packaged in fancy style neither do we subscribe to catchy institutional names. Instead, we invest ourselves in being able to offer a timely and practical service by providing:

Specialised practice

Specialised practice notes

Ready in power point slides and concise notes form for students to master all the core legal elements set out in the SRA Day Outcomes
exercise workbooks

Carefully-drafted mock exercise workbooks

For each of all the OSCE skills assessments
marking service

Unlimited and personalised marking service

For all the OSCE skills assessments, complete with personalised commentaries and exam tips for candidates to improve
face to face trainings

Personalised face to face trainings

To facilitate and ease busy working lawyers to achieve a FIRST-TIME PASS in the QLTS examinations

The result is a Solicitor of England and Wales.

The primary strength of our consultancy service hinges on the expertise and experience of our specialist tutor, Brandon Chan, a solicitor trained in London, an international finance lawyer and who is himself a former QLTS top scorer.

Unique features of QLTS Solutions

Practical Benefits

Practice Notes carefully-drafted in

  • Power Point slides; and
  • Concise Notes form

based on the feedback of students and in full compliance of SRA Day Outcomes. 

Based on numerous student feedback and a detailed study of the materials of other course providers, we realised that many of the notes in the market are not focused in content. Some notes are too thick and detailed which exceeds the needs of the SRA Day Outcomes whilst some notes are too simple and lack depth.

QLTS Solutions aims to resolve this problem. Now, there is absolutely no need to refer to any other textbooks or miscellaneous fragmented sources.

We ensure that our notes are:

  • Carefully drafted and regularly updated in accordance to the relevant law;
  • Sufficient, not excessive and not lacking in any detail in terms of content;
  • Concise in layout and designed for busy lawyers studying at any place; and
  • Fully complies with all the relevant SRA Day Outcomes.

QLTS candidates can be confident that they need not look any further to any other online sources or do any time-consuming research on any exam issues.

Online webinar lectures streamed to you at your convenience.

We realised that webinar sessions are highly effective in memory retention especially for busy working lawyers. The lectures also help explain to students the key legal concepts in a clear and concise manner.

We develop our webinar sessions to maximise the understanding of candidates of the legal content and aims to assist students in mastering all the elements set out in the SRA Day Outcomes.

Face to face OSCE mock exercises and practice sessions booked by you at your convenience and in accordance to your needs.

Based on numerous student feedbacks and the nature of the OSCE assessments, we realised that thick notes and streams of video libraries are much less effective when compared to personal practical trainings of the skills set needed to excel in

  • Client interviewing;
  • Writing of attendance notes;
  • Oral presentation; and
  • Advocacy.

Therefore, we invite students to work together with us to construct a viable practical training session to learn and practice these various skill sets.  We construct all the training materials and our personal tutor will be taking charge in carrying out these sessions.

Personalised marking and tutor feedback service.

We realised that the key to doing well in Legal Writing and Legal Drafting is PRACTICE. Therefore, we carefully draft workbooks of mock practice questions and we challenge our students to send to us as many as possible of their answer scripts for our personal tutor to give his feedback and exam commentaries.

Dedicated Q&A service.

We understand that candidates may have many questions to ask regarding the subjects, the training materials, the exam conditions or any general questions relating to the law.

At QLTS Solutions, we allow students to book a session with our personal tutor, who will dedicate his time and attend to all your questions diligently. This ensures that we maintain a personal touch with all our students and to provide them with the vital resources and close moral support needed as they navigate through the stresses of the exam preparations.