The Benefits

The admission to the roll as Solicitor of England and Wales brings with it prestige and recognition of one’s legal abilities and professionalism. Being an English-qualified solicitor does not only mean that your professional legal standing is assured and recognised as a global gold standard, you are also now part of a global brand of law that features prominently throughout the commercial and business world.
As English law is the governing choice of law in most cross-border corporate and commercial transactions, there is a huge global market demand for English-qualified lawyers especially in the Middle East and in Asia Pacific.

Route to Qualification

The Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Scheme (QLTS) offers a direct route for foreign lawyers admitted in other foreign recognised jurisdictions to qualify and be admitted as a Solicitor of England and Wales.

Lawyer in a Recognised Jurisdiction

In order to read for the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Scheme and en route to qualifying as a Solicitor of England and Wales, one must first ensure that he or she is a qualified lawyer in a recognised jurisdiction. For a list of jurisdictions recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), please visit:

Register online with Kaplan QLTS

Kaplan QLTS is the sole, independent and authorised assessment provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of assessments under the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Scheme (QLTS). Therefore, all aspiring candidates shall register online for the examinations at the website of Kaplan QLTS. All bookings for examination sessions and payment for the examinations shall be done online. For more information, please visit:

As of 2018, the examination fees payable to Kaplan QLTS are as follows:

QLTS Examinations


MCT stage

£565 + VAT where applicable (at the local rate)

OSCE stage

£3,510 (inclusive of VAT)

File for admission to the roll of solicitors

Successful candidates who have passed the QLTS examinations shall be awarded a certificate of completion by Kaplan QLTS and the examination results will be forwarded by Kaplan QLTS to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Successful candidates can then file for admission to the roll of solicitors with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Successful candidates are also expected to provide a certificate of good standing from the legal professional bodies of their home jurisdiction, complete and file in Form AD1 and pay the requisite fees as part of the admissions process.

For more information relating to the admissions process, please visit the SRA website at: